Chillin’ in the Sunshine? Start your Porftolio

The weather is beautiful and the days are longer. This is the time that students work to earn a little extra cash for the academic year, paying bills, or putting money toward transportation. You may also be spending more leisure time outside and relaxing this summer. Consider keeping your computer around as you sit in the shade. Those times might be a great opportunity to start your CV, resume, or statement of intent (aka statement of purpose). You don’t just need references your senior year of college, you may need them as early as your sophomore year as well (e.g., scholarships, internships, grants, etc). These materials are typically the kinds of things your references will request to write you competitive, meaningful letters. Why not work on your portfolio now when you have time and the academic deadlines are still a month or two away?

On the resource page of this blog is a CV template, a cover letter and resume, as well as a sample of a statement of intent (SOI). The SOI is just a sample. This is not necessarily something you should follow exactly, it just provides a rough idea of what an SOI might look like. It should be yours’ do not plagiarize this writing. Plagiarism (def: stealing writing or print material that is not yours’ and passing it off as if it were), as an academic, is the mother of all misdeeds.

If you have questions, feel free to comment on the blog or send me a message privately. I am happy to help you.


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