The curriculum vitae is your academic resume.  It does not have a limit in terms of length.  There are categories that I have included (e.g., relevant course work) that would not necessarily stay there once you are in graduate school but are relevant if you are considering graduate work.  You should start a CV outline in your first year of college.  Keep all of the categories in the template. Perhaps highlight them in red if they are without experiences. This will provide you a clear idea of  what opportunities to look for as you begin to think about your career goals and if they include graduate school.

CV Template


Your resume is a business outline of your education and only relevant work experience.  Even if you are the President of the United States, your business resume should not be longer than one page, front and back.  This should accompany a cover letter.  These are both included with some suggestions in red for what to include in the cover letter.  See the link below.


Statement of Intent (aka Statement of Purpose)

This is akin to an academic cover letter.  It should be no more than two pages double-spaced and should be used for graduate school, applying to a scholarship, grant, or any other academically related honorarium.  Below is a sample statement of intent, it is not a template, nor is it a rubric for what you should include.  It should be specific to *your* experience.  Do not plagiarize the sample.  Plagiarism is the mother of all misdeeds in academia so be careful.  Under the articles section are some published explanations of what plagiarism is, this should help direct you in how to avoid such indiscretions.

Statement of Purpose Sample


Kisses of Death in the Graduate School Application Process

Predictors of College Success (article)

Reflections on the Graduate Student Experience [Anderson & Swazey, 1998]

When demand exceeds supply-Second order criteria used by Graduate School Selection Committees [Keith-Spiegel et al., 1994]

When First-Generation Students Go to Graduate School [Lunceford, 2011]

Academic Dishonesty, Plagiarism Included, in the Digital Age-A Literature Review [Ercegovac & Richardson, 2004] Internet Plagiarism Among College Students [Scanlon & Neumann, 2002]

Link to The Rules of Plagiarism:


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